Our Services

  • eBook Creationwe can create .epub and .mobi ebooks from your manuscript
  • eBook Promotionwe can help you sell your ebook on Amazon and most other major stores
  • File Conversionwe can convert file formats - if you have a .doc file you want changed to a .swf, we can do it!
  • .pdf editingwe can do almost anything you could think of with a .pdf file

.pdf Services

.pdf files can be tricky to edit, but we can help!

We can:

Convert many formats (inc. .doc, docx, image files, excel files and more to pdfs)
Combine more than one file (even in different formats) to one pdf
Add a page (or pages) to a file
Remove pages
Split a pdf into to multiple files.
Edit the text (correct spelling mistakes etc.)
Add password protection
Break passwords (from most) protected files

If you have any special requests then please contact us.

Please note, if you need 1 thing changed on a file you should order option 1. If you need multiple services, (on one or multiple files) you can get a great discount by ordering option 2 or 3. For example, if you need to remove a page, add a page AND add password protection, order option 2 and save $5!

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You may order our .pdf service via. Paypal

Option 1 (1 service) - $5
Option 2 (3 services) - $10
Option 3 (10 services) - $20
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